Its time to accelerate your website sales with our 300 point site audit.

Are you losing sales? Our site-wide audit highlights potential issues holding back your website’s conversion potential and lets you know how to fix them.

Our 300 point site audit covers all your online store key pages, from the homepage to checkout and everything in between, advising how to improve the good and fix the bad so you can start growing your online sales today.

We aren’t robots, we’re CRO experts.

Our eCommerce accelerator audit is not a generic automated audit, it’s completed manually, by our CRO experts who have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We provide meaningful analysis and guided recommendations which you can action, safe in the knowledge in doing so is going to bring tangible benefits and improved results, rather than shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.

Your guide to start converting more customers today.

Perfecting the basics

The basics are the foundation for your website, and without solid foundations, everything else falls down. We test the basics and tell you how to fix them. Laying the foundation for the essentials to shine.

Enhancing the essentials

Above the basics, customers have come to expect a rich feature set by default, we not only ensure they are there but also how you can enhance them for your individual customers, letting them shine and letting you focus your efforts on growth.

Growing conversions

You have perfected the basics, you’ve enhanced the essentials, now its time to focus on growing those conversions, using recommendations found in your audit, and the knowledge you’ve gained, under the guidance of our CRO experts.

Finding major gain opportunities on your ecommerce website.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) unlocks upgrades on ecommerce websites that dramatically boost revenue. To date, this game changing technique has been utilised by only the big players in each sector – until now. 

Our fast, effective and affordable site health check includes a review of the key CRO checkpoints on your ecommerce store’s main pages. You’ll get a manual evaluation of your site’s performance by a CRO expert, plus an understanding of the impact, cost and recommended priority for putting it right.

With a clear and complete checklist on your side, you can then make changes to drive conversions for your business – and all at a fraction of the standard CRO costs.

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How does our eCommerce accelerator audit work?

When you want to find out how your site is performing, it usually comes down to two choices. You can either plump for an eye-wateringly expensive CRO report that goes into too much depth and provides no realistic starting point. Or you can settle for an automated audit that tells you little-to-nothing about where you’re going wrong and how to make it better.

Not anymore. Our CRO health check provides the invaluable information you want and need to take your ecommerce site to the next level

1 Example Audit Point of 300

Every page has a CTA (even 404 error pages, result page with 0 results, blog posts, about us page)

Can Be Improved




Example Solutions
A database of example websites & screenshots that handles the point effectively for you to take inspiration from.

Covering all bases

You’ll receive an audit summary for all the main pages on your site, including home, category, product, landing cart, checkout and thank you.

Clear evaluations

After analysis, each element will get a clear evaluation of good, bad, can be improved or not relevant, so you can see where to improve.

Reviewing what matters

We’ll review all page types for key CRO checkpoints such as the length of titles, quality of descriptions or placement of prices.

Prioritised recommendations

To make things even easier, you’ll get a rating for the impact, cost and priority of each improvement as part of your audit report.

What results have others achieved?

There’s no limit to the gains you can achieve however on average others have experienced these impressive results.


Conversion Rate Increase


Bounce Rate Reduction


Average Order Value Increase


Average Order Quantity Increase


User Engagement Increase


Upsell Conversion Increase


Exit Rate Decrease


Abandon Rate Decrease

Don’t just take our word for it
If you’re in a similar situation to us, I can’t recommend the audit highly enough!

“We knew we had to make changes to our website to increase our order volume, but we didn’t know where to start and we couldn’t budget for expensive ongoing CRO services which were being quoted at £5000+ a month! The report which we received broke down each website page in a simple and easy to follow way and we were particularly impressed with the individual recommendations, which you could tell were written by an experienced team. We have been delighted with the results from the changes so far, as have our customers, who have been vocal in their positive feedback. If you’re in a similar situation to us, We can’t recommend the audit highly enough!

Paul Simms – Director

A great tool to help my team to help grow our website using knowledge that’s normally out of reach for us.
Daniella Frawley - Seiko eCommerce Manager
I thought I knew CRO until this report dropped in my inbox. We're seeing positive increases since implementing the points raised and will continue to work with team to build on these results.
Reece Hampton - eCommerce Director JennyChem
We've learnt so much from this audit and please to have found the team behind it
St. Eval - eCommerce Manager

Why us?

Our unique CRO site report is head and shoulders above the other options. Here’s why you’ll want Bing Digital as the ecommerce doctor behind your health check:


We’ve got over 50 years of combined experience, spanning everything from fashion and furniture to construction and computing.


From Magento and Shopify certification to a long list of happy customers, big and small, you can trust Bing Digital when it comes to ecommerce.


This isn’t an automated report. Our ecommerce experts put time and effort into reviewing, evaluating and recommending changes for your site.

Results Driven

Above all else, we deliver results. And we can’t wait to do the same for you. Take a look at our case studies to see for yourself.

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